TNERTLE at the Bluebird Theater – March 16, 2019

TNERTLE is a Denver-based group created by Trent Campbell and Kyle Ayervais. They’ve been playing together since the Clinton administration and made things official in 2012 with the formation on TNERTLE. Since then, they’ve amassed a loyal following that is as eclectic as the music they make. Electronic? Funk? Hip-hop? Reggae? Rock? They do it all, and they do it with STYLE.

Saturday was one for the books. The band has grown tremendously over the years, adding more instruments and more layers to the music as they’ve gone. This work culminated Saturday night with their first ever sold-out headliner at Denver’s Bluebird Theater, which I was lucky enough to be there shooting. Enjoy these pictures from the evening!

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Hawthorne Roots at Cervantes 1-18-18

Had an absolute blast with the guys and gals from Hawthorne Roots, an Americana band from Bozeman, Montana that puts the soul in Soul. They even had a little drop in from tour-de-force vocalist Jessica Jones. It was a fantastic evening all around at Cervantes!

You can check out the whole album here!

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